Taiwanese High School Students Having Sex on the School’s Roof

A naked Taiwanese high school student in the latest "Roof Gate".

From Mop:

Another “Balcony Gate” from the post-90s generation, with both the male and female being Taiwan high school students.

Balcony Gate, also known as Roof Gate, owing to a pair of high school students on the school’s roof, using a mobile phone to record a sex video. The male and female participants in “Balcony Gate” or “Roof Gate” are both post-90s generation high school students, the girl called Chen Yi, her appearance extremely sweet and cute. Probably because of being nervous, the girl in the Roof Gate Incident video does not appear to be enjoying herself much. However, the girl can still pretty, and tender. Throughout [the video], only the male can be heard, with the male saying he wants to put [the video] on the internet.

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